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FiveRuns releases Rails App Health Dashboard

Posted in Uncategorized by efalcao on July 25, 2008

FiveRuns just announced a great feature added to Manage 2.0 that allows users to have a one-page look at the health of their Rail’s app.

Check it out

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clientperf v0.1.6 Released

Posted in Uncategorized by efalcao on June 29, 2008

Spent a few minutes getting some bugfixes into clientperf today.

How to upgrade:

gem install clientperf
clientperf /path/to/rails/app
rake db:migrate

What is fixed:

  • Don’t choke on SafeERB
  • Added indexes (indices? can you say indexes when you’re talking about databases?)
  • Graphs don’t choke when there is no data.


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